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This first set of photos is from a Bollywood film made in the UK. I prepared the car so it would collapse on impact with the under side of the lorry. The story line dictated that the driver and front passenger must die leaving the rear passenger (their daughter) still alive and unhert. I made a ground plate mounted pulley system and used the weight of the lorry wheel to rest on the ground plate to enable a 90 degree pull. After connecting the cables and locking off the steering we pulled the car at 25mph and from 90 degrees to its travel (this is to remain out of sight of camera). Just 1 foot from impact I released the cable from our tracking vehicle with an electric bomb release. This is our video of what happened. (file size 920kb)



Mrs Henderson Presents

With stars like Dame Judy Dentch and Bob Hoskins, you know its going to be a good film. We supplied the pre war vehicles and undertook the camera tracking with one of our Silverados and crane mount, we even had some parts to play as drivers. I was chauffeur Dave, Liam and Steve where drivers. Two video clips show this days tracking, where Dame Judy fly's off leaving Bob behind (file size 2,568kb) and (file size 3,451)







Madeleine Stowe, Bijou Phillips and Mischa Barton play the major parts directed by Marcus Adams. We supplied the vehicles and carried out the stunt preparation, some of the photos show the journey to Luxembourg (what a nice place). This clip of shows one of the stunts we prepared. (file size 1,873kb). In the opening scene a joy rider is trapped in the upside down car. To film this I built a revolving seat so we could quickly get him into place for maximum filming time, (how long can you hang upside down, (in the cold)). (file size 1,966kb)









Red Light Runners

Red Light Runners Cast : Michael Madsen, Chris Penn, Ian Buchanan, Harvey Keitel, Dennis Hopper, Martin Kemp, Sara Cox, Vinnie Jones, Eddie Izzard, Mickey Rourke, Gavin Rossdale. Most of the film was shot but sadly ran into financial problems and this great film was never finished. We supplied the cars, stunt men camera tracking vehicles and high speed tracking bike (to keep up with the Audi S4 4.2 V8) we also prepared the stunt cars. This is a crane shot, one S4 tags with an identical S4 and the camera is high craning down as the bumpers kiss! (file size 2,670kb) . Half speed rehearsal of the S4 getting away from the police. (file size 4,998kb) . S4 on an "A" frame filming a car chase in the Dome (file size 4,904kb) . Timing run for a car chase and jump (file size 1,576kb) . The jump (file size 1,873kb) . After the jump the chase continues (file size 3,263) . And to finish, SFX gun shots in a wing of a car (file size 670kb) .






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