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Early days whilst testing, this video is a start up on gas (file size 344kb)

After starting, this is the TV81 running on gas only (file size 359kb)

After developments and changing to fuel evaporation, this long video is a talk through of how the engine works and shows two starts on gas, changing over to diesel. (file size 34,662kb)

An after burner makes a lovely sound and max's your thrust, this video taken at dusk shows just how hot the AB can get. You can hear the revs drop in order to light the fuel when the AB has cooled for just a few seconds. At the end of the video look out for the glowing turbine scroll. (file size 6,959kb)

This is what used to happen when group members took there home built engines to Bovingdon airfield for the quarterly meetings that I arrange. We where stopped last year because one person complained of noise pollution. (file size 2,804kb)

A previous meeting to the one above, Nick Haddock and Jim got lost in a dangerous vapour cloud that could easily have ignited. (File size 2,912kb)

John from Australia is a wizard with jet engines and the group would be lost without his great knowledge and help on this subject. This is just one of his creations and is the one that gave me the idea to go to an evaporator fuel system. (File size 4,658kb)


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